Your data. And how we process it.

We - EYELABEL (EL) - collect information on this website from you once you enter the site. Most of it is purely for technical reasons, some of it we use to adapt the website further to your needs. Following you will find an overview what data exactly we collect when and where.


Data handling

When entering our website our server will automatically save the following data in its protocol files:

  • Type of browser and its version
  • Used operating system
  • The refering URL (the address you came from)
  • Hostname or ip address of your device you use to surf the site
  • Time of your visit

In fact if someone doesn’t call us right before entering our website we can connect this data to a real person. Nor do we connect this data to other data sources, but delete it after a static analysis.


Well, this is tech talk. We actually speak about small text files which we sometimes use to store bits of information on a visitor’s computer. With this information we try to make this website more user friendly, more effective and more secure. The data we store on a visitor’s computer we usually let stay there during the visit but delete it on leaving the site. And as cookies are pure text file they don’t harm your computer and carry no virus.

Right of access

Of course each visitor has the right to ask what information we have saved related to him, its origin, who will have access to it and how we will use this data.

We use Google Analytics

As we are curious about our visitor and would like to know who drops by when from where and what interests most we’ve installed Google Analytics (GA) to monitor our visitors. GA will use cookies to gain information about their doings here and store the information on their servers in the USA. Although we’ve taken care to anonymize each visitor’s IP address we can’t exactly tell you what Google will do with all the data, neither now nor in the future.
However, using a program to anonymize your visit here or to turn off cookies will not prevent this site from working. You can also try the tool from Google to sign out of the Google tracking. In additon it is a good idea to inform yourself about GA’s terms and conditions. If tracking your movements in the web does bother you we would suggest to read further.
If you stay on this site and haven’t done anything about the tracking, you agree with this.